What We Believe:


Medicare For All
ensuring no one is left without the medicine, vision, dental, and mental healthcare they need.

Universal Jobs Guarantee
ensuring the working class can survive with a livable wage.

Tuition Free Education
ensuring our state’s youngest and brightest receive a higher education by taxing our wealthy friends on Wall Street.

Housing as a Human Right
ensuring all Iowans have sufficient access to safe, secure, habitable,
and affordable homes.

Justice System Reform
ensuring an end to the “War on Drugs”, police demilitarization,
and for-profit incarceration.

Immigration Justice
ensuring our DREAMers and TPS recipients are protected while simplifying paths to citizenship and abolishing ICE.

Infrastructural Overhaul
ensuring investments are made into 100% renewable green energy.

Clean Campaign Finance
ensuring an end to the corrupt influence of corporate finance in public elections including the repeal of Citizens United. 

Equality for All
ensuring that no-one is discriminated against because of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.